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Ants Control

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Sometimes it seems like you just can’t get rid of ants. You keep your kitchen surfaces clean and free of food debris and yet the moment you turn your back a line of ants starts marching across the surfaces. And in your company building you fight a constant battle to keep them out of the break room and everywhere else where food is or has been. 

We’re the ant specialists on the Gold Coast and in Logan and provide a range of a control solutions to suit every space and situation. We know all the tips and tricks to getting rid of ants for good. 

Ants are notoriously difficult to get rid of. No matter what you try, they seem to just keep coming back again. Most people turn to supermarket products at this stage, which tend to provide temporary relief because they don’t address the underlying problem. Enlisting the help of a professional pest control company is the only and the best way to get effective and long-lasting relief from ant invasions.

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Our Ant Solutions

Killing a few of the ants that wander through your kitchen won’t get rid of the original problem. Ants live in huge colonies controlled by a queen, and once they’ve found a reliable source of food, they’ll come back no matter what you do.

To enjoy long lasting relief, you need to know ants. You need to know:

  • The ant species
  • Species behaviours.
  • The location of the ant colony.
  • The best products for all of the above.

You can’t get this kind of information and help from the supermarket, which is why these are only temporary solutions. To get lasting control of an ant invasion you need to kill the queen, and that’s exactly what we can help you do.

We’re confident in our ant management services. So, give up on the temporary solutions and come talk to us for long-lasting and effective relief from ant invasions

You have to do your part to keep your home or business free of ants too.
​And that doesn’t extend to using temporary solutions that just leave you tearing your hair out when they don’t work. Here are some tips that will actually help: 

·    Wash the dishes before going to bed so you’re not leaving food particles around. 
·    Wipe the kitchen dry to prevent the growth of bacteria, which will attract ants. 
·    Clean surfaces immediately after preparing food. 
·    Vacuum spaces regularly to prevent dust and clean up food spillages. 
·    Keep bins closed tightly. 
·    Seal any cracks in walls and window frames. 
·    Store food in air-tight containers. 
·    Pick up any dropped food immediately. 
·    Talk to one of our team about long term ant extermination and prevention. 

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