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Fleas Control

Fleas are tiny little creatures that can be a big problem. They’re around 2 to 8mm long and feed by sucking blood from animals and humans. Most of the time, if you have fleas in your house, then they’re brought in by your pets. But they can also be brought into your home by other means.

Flea bites are a misery. They’re endlessly itchy and can make your life and your pet’s life miserable. You can use spot-on treatment on your pets, but if you don’t treat their bedding, carpeting, and any fabrics in your home, then chances are that the infestation will be back.

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Our professional pest control in Logan City and the Gold Coast can help get rid of these pests for good. We use targeted solutions that are safe for your pets and family and deadly on the unwanted intruders

Our Flea Control Treatments

Spot-on pest control only kills the fleas that are on your pet. But by the time you notice your pet scratching, the fleas have probably already infested your home and your yard. Fleas can appear very suddenly, spread quickly, and they’re difficult to control. It’s very hard to get an effective treatment with the pest solutions in your supermarket.

We offer complete flea control solutions. We will work with you to identify where the problem came from and where the fleas could be hiding. This will ensure complete elimination and protect your home against further infestations.

Our natural pest treatment solutions will kill adult fleas, larvae, and eggs. We can treat any area that’s infested, and the treatment will linger for months, killing any eggs hiding in the carpet or other places in your home. This will give you and your pets relief from the itching and burning of flea bites. 

Anti-Flea Help

To keep your home and your pet flea-free, you need to:

  • Use a spot-on flea treatment or other veterinary product that kills fleas on your pets.
  • Clean pet bedding by washing in hot water or buying fresh bedding.

Safe Flea Treatment

Our flea treatments are safe to use on carpets and internal areas. You will need to keep people and pets out of the treatment areas until the treatment is dry, but after that it’s safe for pets and children to be in the space. 

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To get rid of fleas for good,
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