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Rats Control

As part of our complete pest management services, we can help rid your residential or commercial spaces of rats and their nests.

Rats are a very adaptable species that gather in large numbers in cities because of the availability of food and shelter. Unfortunately, this means they often find their way into people’s houses, usually into the kitchen because of the easy availability of food.

Black rats in kitchen

And the problem can be even worse in commercial buildings, which are often empty at night, when rats tend to be about. These pests can be a real problem for business owners and in your home.

They chew through the wiring, pipes, and conduits, and are a key cause of electrical fires all over Australia. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, they also leave droppings around, and carry fleas. Fleas are a secondary but still dangerous problem when you have rats. They bite, they’re hard to get rid of, and they can carry disease.

​In commercial properties, rats cause significant structural damage and financial loss. And in your home, they threaten the health and safety of everyone who lives in the house. You never know what food and surfaces have been contaminated when you have rats in your home. And there’s nothing worse than sitting down to make a meal and finding droppings on your cutting surfaces. 

Rat looking of the cover

Effective Pest Control Solutions

Have you ever woken up, walked into your kitchen to grab a coffee, and seen small dark ‘pellets’ on your kitchen benches? Or walked into the break room at work and found them next to the coffee maker? If you’re like most people, this would probably set off a wave of revulsion and maybe even some screams. And even worse is the idea of all the rats you can’t see, hiding in cupboards and wall spaces.

Rats typically live in large family groups of between 10 and 15 members. If you find pellets, then you don’t just have one rat problem, you have a family of rats. Fortunately, your local pest control services can provide fast and easy solutions to rat infestations and get those annoyances out of your home and your business. 

Our integrated pest management services can take away the worry of solving rodent infestations. Our operators know all the secrets when it comes to rat or mice control. We conduct a full inspection to identify nests and look for the pathways the rodents use to get in or out of your house or building. 

​Once we’ve identified these factors, we can design a strategy that suits your space and the extent of your pest problem. We use:

  • A mix of chemical and safe physical control strategies.
  • The latest bait and attract technologies.
  • Long-term solutions that will provide ongoing protection from future attack.

​This provides you with the fast, effective control and the best result possible.  

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