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Spiders are a huge problem in Australia. They hang webs from the roof, hide in the spaces under lawn chairs, and get into the house no matter what you do. Most spiders are harmless and feed on bugs and other insects that get into your home. However, many of the calls for pest control services here on the Gold Coast and in Logan are for spider elimination, and it isn’t hard to work out why. 

What most people don’t know is that there has only been a few confirmed death from a spider bite. And yet most people have a general fear of spiders, perhaps because of their creepy appearance! ​ That explains why many people who call us for pest control services have questions about the spiders in or around their home. While most spiders we see are harmless, some can be dangerous if not handled correctly. That’s why you should give our professionally trained team a call if you have a spider problem. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Red Back Spider

Are They Dangerous?

There are more than 35,000 spider species in the world and around 10,000 are found here in Australia. Unfortunately, that includes some of the most dangerous spiders in the world. The three spiders that are the biggest problem for Australians are:

  • The Redback Spider: Female redback spiders have the distinctive red stripe down the back and the venomous bite. Males are smaller and their bites aren’t venomous. Fortunately, there is an antivenom available for redback bites. (Click here for more information on redback spider)
  • The White Tail Spider: The white tail causes symptoms of burning, swelling, and blistering and you should seek treatment immediately if you get bitten. There is antivenom available for this spider bite too, so as long as you get treatment you shouldn’t experience any long-term problems. (Click here for more information on white tail spider)
  • Funnel-Web spider: The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider is one of the world’s most world’s most venomous spiders.  Funnel-web spiders are common around households on Australia’s east coast, and can be quite aggressive when threatened. The venom of the male Sydney Funnel-web Spider is very toxic, however, there is an effective antivenom against most dangerous funnel-web spider species. (Click here for more information on funnel-web spider)

When there’s a lot of sun and rain, spiders tend to come out of their hiding spots in people’s homes. This is when we start getting calls about suspicious looking spiders and effective removal solutions.

Our expertly trained team can identify different spider species and design natural, effective extermination solutions. Our bug management services on the Gold Coast will ensure that there isn’t a single spider hanging around your home or business when we’re done.

We inspect your house or building for areas of concern, and then apply a surface spray to outside surfaces. If you have a spider problem inside the house, we can also offer additional treatments that will protect the inside of your home as well.

And we don’t just scare away the spiders temporarily either. Our pest control services for your family or business prevent reinfestation and protect your home against further invasion. 

Our solutions are designed with the safety of you, your family, and your pets in mind. We offer a complete range of extermination and prevention solutions to protect your home or workplace from spider infestations.

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